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Iced Out Jewelry at GottaIce: A Guide to Affordable Hip Hop Bling

Welcome to the exciting world of iced out jewelry and its growing popularity in the hip hop fashion scene. We're thrilled to introduce you to a little family-owned and black-owned Caribbean-based business, GottaIce.

At GottaIce, we believe that style and luxury should not come at a high price. That's why we're committed to affordability and value for our customers. Our slogan "Your value, our price" encapsulates our belief that everyone deserves to feel confident and glamorous, regardless of their budget.

Whether you're a fan of hip hop fashion or just love to sparkle, you'll find something you love in our collection. So, sit back, relax and let us show you the best in iced out jewelry!


Durable and High-Quality Materials

We pride ourselves on using only the best materials to create our stylish and unique jewelry pieces.

Our materials of choice include copper, brass, alloy, steel, and 3A to 5A cubic zirconia, carefully selected to provide both durability and style. To ensure long-lasting wear, we also plate our pieces with multiple layers of gold, ranging from 14k to 18k. So, join us in embracing value, style and quality with every piece of jewelry you wear.


Affordable Prices

At GottaIce, we pride ourselves on the high-quality and durable materials that we use to create our iced out jewelry pieces. From copper and brass to alloy and steel, we carefully choose each material to ensure that our products are not only fashionable, but also long-lasting.

To take things one step further, we also add multiple layers of gold plating - from 14k to 18k - to each piece, giving our customers the assurance that their jewelry will maintain its shine for years to come. Whether you're looking for a new addition to your hip hop jewelry collection or a unique bling piece, you can trust that GottaIce has got you covered.


The GottaIce Experience

At our little family-owned Caribbean black-owned business, customers are valued and treated like family. We understand that the right piece of jewelry can say so much about a person and we want to help our customers express themselves through their jewelry choices.

From iced out watches to chains and pendants, we offer a wide range of hip hop jewelry styles to choose from. Whether you're looking to make a statement or just add a little extra sparkle to your everyday look, we've got you covered. With our high-quality materials, including copper, brass, alloy, stainless steel, and cubic zirconia from 3A to 5A, plated 3 to 10 times with 14k to 18k gold, we've designed our jewelry to last and help you look your best.

So come and check out GottaIce for yourself! With our affordable prices and commitment to our customers, we're confident you'll love what we have to offer. Our slogan "your value, our price" speaks to our mission of helping our customers feel valued and confident, one piece of jewelry at a time.



With GottaIce, we have highlighted the use of premium materials such as copper, brass, alloy, and steel, combined with cubic zirconia of 3A to 5A and plated with 14k to 18k gold, to create long-lasting pieces of jewelry.

We want to emphasize the key points made in the article and remind our readers that by choosing GottaIce, they are making an investment in themselves and valuing their own worth. Whether you're looking for an iced-out watch or a bling ring, GottaIce has got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step in valuing yourself by checking out GottaIce for your next jewelry purchase. Trust us, you won't regret it!"